Parking operations made a lot simpler.

From enforcing your parking regulations, to managing your parking facility, we make it easy.
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Say goodbye to the...

Massive overhead expenses



Confrontational booting and towing

Managing your parking lot should be simpler.

A lot simpler.

We help parking operators like you increase revenue and lower expenses through a gateless and automated solution.

Professional Parking Management offers a free parking compliance service using license plate recognition (LPR) cameras to detect parking violations and automatically send parking charges by mail. Complete with a management software to automate and simplify your operations, we’re your one-stop solution for a more profitable parking business.

Our system...

Detects 98% of violations

Increases total parking revenue by 25% on average

Increases parking compliance by 80% on average

We’ve had a 33% increase in parking revenue since implementing with PPM 3 years ago

Mike G. from City Parking

Help me increase my revenue

With over 35 years of experience in the parking industry, Professional Parking Management is...

A Gateless Solution.

Going gateless makes it easy for vehicles to enter and exit the garage, creating a smooth traffic flow. It’ll keep overhead costs down and provide an overall positive customer experience.

A parking gate with a negation sign over it.
Surveillance cameras with PPM logo on them

A Frictionless Solution.

LPR cameras eliminate the need for aggressive methods of enforcement like booting and towing. Less friction in your lot means more business and happier customers.

A Free Solution.

The LPR system is priceless. Literally.  You don’t put any money down, ever.  We install our LPR parking management system at no cost to you. Just sit back and watch your revenue grow and your management thrive.


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Cities throughout America


Additional locations per month.

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Integrations That Make Your Life Easier

Our management software is powered to integrate with any parking app, so you’ll generate more business and create a convenient customer experience. Need an integration you don’t see below? Just ask. We’re constantly adding more to the load.

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What make’s PPM so powerful?

Let’s compare to other enforcement methods.

Don’t be the back-seat-driver in your parking operation.

Ready to take control of your lot, run your operation seamlessly, and be confident that you’re not leaving money on the table?

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